General Liability

We have extensive experience defending general liability, premises liability, and product liability claims for a variety of clients. We handle bodily injury and/or personal injury tort claims arising from various activities, ranging from motorcycle racing to cheerleading, from pest control to hair care, from company picnics to medical transportation. We regularly defend claims involving all types of injuries from catastrophic injuries to simple slip and falls.

We represent commercial, residential, public, and private property owners in numerous premises liability cases. We have successfully handled claims arising in apartment buildings and condominiums, single family homes, factories, retail stores, restaurants, construction sites, theaters, and recreational areas.

We defend cases on behalf of numerous manufacturers and distributors involving claims of bodily injury and property damage based on alleged manufacturing defects, design defects, failures to warn, contamination, and spoilage. We are well-versed in defending virtually every form of negligence and/or strict liability claim based on virtually every form of defense, including assumption of the risk, lack of causation, lack of exposure, fraud, comparative negligence, failure to mitigate, lack of standing, lack of personal jurisdiction, and many others. We have relationships with top experts and consultants in medicine, toxicology, engineering, industrial hygiene, manufacturing, management, transportation, and environmental sciences.

Primary Contact: Jason M. Booth