We represent motor carriers, freight forwarders, and brokers in federal and state court civil actions including those involving claims for damaged, lost, or stolen freight, casualty and negligence claims, challenges to limitations of liability, employee relations including the unique wage and hour regulations applicable to the transportation industry, the general liability of trucking companies, fee disputes, and challenges to warehouseman's liens. We have defeated or significantly reduced cargo claims involving diverse commodities such as computer equipment, lumber, novelty gifts, seafood and other food products, high voltage electrical equipment, and household goods. Our experience and relationship with experts in the industry allows us to defend trucking companies effectively and economically in casualty lawsuits involving personal injury, property damage, and destruction of cargo.

We routinely advise companies and prepare the necessary business documents for the transportation industry, including lease agreements, the terms and conditions for transport under bills of lading, broker-carrier agreements, shipper-motor carrier agreements, and sub-haul or independent contractor agreements.

We also assist companies in the transportation industry in protecting the necessary licenses and permits to operate in California. We monitor the policies and procedures of the Department of Transportation, and the California Highway Patrol in conducting BIT Inspections and protect companies that fail such inspections in actions brought by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. We are experienced in protecting clients in actions based upon California's unfair competition statutes brought by District Attorneys in conjunction with unsatisfactory BIT ratings, in violation actions brought by CARB, and in criminal actions based upon serious vehicle code violations.

Primary Contact: Hillary Arrow Booth