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A jury in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Santa Monica Courthouse, found our client trucking company and its driver not liable for the death of the plaintiffs’ son resulting from an accident between the truck and plaintiffs’ son, who was riding a bicycle.  We established that the driver was not negligent in his handling of the vehicle as it passed the bicycle, and that the trucking company was not negligent in how it hired and trained its drivers.  The case was tried over the course of three-weeks by Hillary Arrow Booth and Ian Culver.  The verdict was unanimous for the trucking company and 11-1 for the driver.


We are pleased to welcome Allan to our firm.  Allan graduated from UC Hastings College of Law in 2005 and has successfully handled all phases of litigation from the outset of a case through trial and appeals.  Allan’s practice is varied; he has handled matters in various areas including real estate, transportation, bankruptcy and personal injury.

Prior to law school, Allan worked in Washington D.C. for U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye (HI) where he authored letters and statements for inclusion in the Congressional Record.  Allan also accompanied Senator Inouye on numerous occasions during the impeachment trial of President Clinton.