Tuesday June 25th 2024


 Standard Mediation Rates:

Full Day: $7,500*
Half Day: $4,000*
Additional Mediation Time: $750/hr

*Both Full and Half Day mediations include pre-mediation preparation time and post-mediation follow-up. Booth Mediation requests that parties limit their briefing to 10 pages and the submission of exhibits to 20 pages.

Neutral Evaluation & Consultation:


Administrative Fees:

An administrative fee of $250 per party (non-refundable) is charged once a mediation session has been scheduled. An initial deposit of $250 per party is required to reserve a mediation appointment.

Unless otherwise agreed upon and confirmed by the parties, the mediation fees will be split equally among the parties. Fees must be paid by all parties at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled mediation session. Checks shall be made payable to: Booth LLP.

Note that counsel, not the represented party, is contracting with Booth Mediation for services. Counsel for the parties will be held responsible for payment of all charges associated with Booth Mediation’s services in the matter.




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